As soon as you approach Hurghada by land or by sea, the beauty of the Red Sea will be the first thing to capture your attention. With its blue-turquoise waves and its unbelievable underwater life The Red Sea is supposed to be the richest in the world. Hurghada is located at The Red Sea coast. With its geographically perfect localization Hurghada is one of a the best tourist resorts here in Egypt. Due to its position, the weather is good all the year long and winters looks just more like autumns than anywhere else and thats made Hurghada suitable to all kinds of activities all the year long. One of the best activities is diving. The amount of things that you can see deep underwater is just over whelming.

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Transfer aeroport - hotel - aeroport; Handling service; Avion Bucuresti - Hurghada ARV K Winter2021 Bucuresti - HURGHADA; Taxe BUH; Avion Hurghada - Bucuresti ARV K Winter2021 HURGHADA - Bucuresti; Package discount; Package commission; Rounding

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Sejururi cu avionul din Cluj Napoca catre Golden 5 Paradise Resort, Hurghada, Egipt

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