Hotel OLYMPUS THEA is built on the National Road Thessaloniki-Athens, just before Tempi, outside the coastal village of Platamon, below the homonym castle, in amphitheatric layout, with a panoramic view to the Aegean Sea. The long beach in the area with the clear sea is awarded a blue flag every year. The hotel offers a regular minibus service to the beach during the day (in the summer months), free of charge to Platamonas. The hotels facilities also include a reception with prompt and excellent service, an elevator and a private comfortable parking lot, which the clients can use free of charge. A modern bar, which services the hotels lounge and the main large veranda of the lobby, gives its distinct note to the area of the lobby. The restaurant operates either with a la carte service or with a buffet with various hot and cold dishes and desserts. An outdoor pool with fresh water for adults and a smaller one for children are located in the green gardens of the hotel to cool you and offer you joy and relaxation.

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Autocar Bucuresti-Paralia Bucuresti - Paralia Katerini; Autocar Paralia-Bucuresti Paralia Katerini - Bucuresti; Package commission; Rounding

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